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Cedar, A Great Fence Material

Folks have been utilizing Cedar for thousands of years., all over the world. Cedar has many varieties and so, it has many uses.

An extremely versatile material, cedar has been used to make mats, clothing, hats and baskets. Its oils are used for perfumes and to ward against insects. Its lumber has been used to build mighty ships, and strong buildings.

A Western Red Cedar Tree

Today we use cedar for many things still, and Pecos Fence uses it for fence pickets. As a picket material cedar has many advantages that benefit it in the building of fence, particularly in the conditions of central Texas.

Let’s review a few of these advantages..

Cedar Fence Pickets Stay Straighter Than Other Materials

Cedar will naturally twist far less than other woods like pine, especially when these boards have been treated.

The hot & dry conditions in central Texas means wet treated boards will twist and warp almost immediately in the summer time.

Cedar stays straighter longer, and can endure the Texas heat.

Now, bear in mind, Cedar will still warp, crack, split over time like all wood material. It isn’t indestructible, but it is better suited than other material for the purpose of fence pickets.

Western Red Fence Pickets in a Bundle

The Natural Oils in Cedar Discourage Insects

Cedar shaving have been used for hundred of years to repel insects. Folks would put them in their linen drawers and closets to keep the bugs away.

This is because cedar produces oils that have quite an effect on insects.

Cedar contains three oils that are thought to be responsible for the insect repelling effects. The three main compounds are alpha cedrene, cedrol, and thujopsene. Cedar oil is considered a pesticide in Canada and can only be used by licensed technicians.

In regards to Fence, the natural occurrence of the oils will help to keep the insects away from your fence pickets. Keep in mind, these oils do dry and dissipate over time, and opportunistic insect can and will still damage your fence in certain conditions, and and you should keep your fence line clear of brush or trees that insects can use to access your fence.

Cedar Wood Oil Can Be Used to Repel Insects

Cedar Stands The Test Of Time

Cedar Wood is very durable, and can withstand many years of outdoor use. Certainly, more durable than softer woods like pine.

The naturally occurring oils in cedar will allow it to withstand moisture to a higher degree than other materials.

In the right conditions cedar fence pickets can last upwards of 20+ years outside. If you maintain it with a stain or oil, even longer.

Correct conditions must be met to ensure longevity like this. No sprinklers on fence, no wet piles of leaves along the bottom. Try a few methods listed HERE to increase the lifespan of your fence.

This Cedar Fence has grayed , but Maintains its Straight Lines and Looks Great

A note on Cedar Posts. When applying cedar straight into the ground one must take measures to properly seal the material. The natural oils present in cedar will not be enough to prevent rot from direct contact with the ground. An oil or tar is sometimes used for this purpose.

Cedar Is Our Choice

In conclusion, Cedar has proven over and over to be a great material. It has served us well here at Pecos Fence. We know it will serve you well too.

It’s durability, and natural properties make it a perfect building material for fences.

Thank you for reading, and call today for a free estimate on a Cedar Privacy Fence!