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Why Winter Is A Great Season To Install A New Fence!

Many people wonder if you can build a fence in the winter. In truth, winter can be an ideal time to put in a fence for a variety of reasons. In Texas we have mild winters. With that in mind , here are 3 reason winter is a great season to schedule your fence installation!

1. Winter is the off-season for fence companies.

This means the work will be easier to schedule and may provide quick start dates.

Spring is the time most homeowners evaluate their property needs. So, the spring and summer schedule at your local fence company becomes pretty busy. Not so in the winter.

2. Most plants are in low growth or dormant modes.

Your trees and shrubs will thank you. Many plants go dormant in the winter, a winter build will cause them much less stress and damage.

Other trees drop leaves and slow growth, meaning easier access to the fence.

3. Early access to your beautiful new backyard come spring time!

You will be able to enjoy family activities as soon as the weather turns warmer.

Many people become so tired of cold, rainy weather that they want to enjoy the springtime change as soon as possible.

A brand-new fence makes your home the place to be for the earliest neighborhood BBQs.